Scholarship Information

JUC strives to assist students financially by providing various scholarship programs. Scholarships are based upon financial need and academic excellence. All scholarships are subject to availability of funds and are credited against the student’s account.

A scholarship application form must accompany the application for admission and be submitted at least four months prior to the beginning of the expected term of study for the student to be considered for scholarship awards.

For current students, each semester a student who has received financial aid from any source, including from JUC, must submit a financial aid application if applying for further financial aid in future semesters. Anyone who fails to do so will not be considered for further financial aid.

Long-Term Scholarships

Scholarship for the M.A. Programs

Qualified Master of Arts degree students receive a generous scholarship up to the amount of full tuition in their final two semesters and a scholarship up to the amount of 50% tuition in their first two semesters. This award applies to tuition not already covered by other grants, awards or VA benefits. These scholarships are provided by the following funds:

Dr. G. Douglas Young Fund

Grants are given in honor of the university’s founder, Dr. G. Douglas Young. Scholarships are based on financial need and academic excellence.

Radie P. Merdinger Endowment Fund

Granted to two Master of Arts degree students entering their second year of studies who have demonstrated financial need and academic excellence. The award varies but can be as high as $2,500 per semester.

John and Malveena Peterson Scholarship Fund

Two annual grants of $1,000 each, funded by the Johnson-Rockford Foundation, are offered in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Peterson. The Petersons were contributors and supporters of the work of Dr. Young.

George Giacumakis Scholarship Fund

This fund is in memory of Dr. George Giacumakis, the second president of Jerusalem University College and an ardent supporter of the mission of the school.

Volunteer Program

A limited number of positions for volunteers are available in office, maintenance, gardening, kitchen, and library areas. Students and spouses of students may participate in this program. Scholarships vary according to the position and hours available, and how the positions may fit student class schedules.

Christian Workers in Israel

Full-time Christian workers in Israel are eligible for a tuition discount of 50% for one course per semester at the university. The course may also be audited at a 50% reduction. This discount does not include field trip or material costs.

Volunteer Campus Employment

When JUC employs student volunteers, priority is given to those with financial need. However, in any semester, when the number of jobs to be filled exceeds the number of students with financial need, the jobs may be apportioned without regard for such need.

Veterans’ Benefits

Students desiring assistance from the Veterans’ Readjustment Act must be registered in a terminal program, either the M.A. program or a degree program at their home institution to which credits earned at JUC may be transferred. If the terminal program is with another institution, application must be made through that school’s program. Other students must contact their local V.A. office for further information.

Short-Term Scholarships

JUC is pleased to offer the following scholarships to all those who are accepted into our short-term programs. Please note that the awarding of all scholarships is dependent on the student's ability to successfully receive a visa from Israel.

Tentmaker Scholarship

Generous donors have made it possible for five special short-term program scholarships.

Two students each may receive a full scholarship to our 6A Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible and 7B Jesus and His Times programs, including the Jordan extension after 6A.

Three students each may receive a full scholarship to our 7B Jesus and His Times program.

The recipients of these scholarships need to supply their own airfare to and from Israel and pay the regular application fee for the program(s).

If you are aware of someone who meets the criteria and otherwise would not be able to study in Israel but who could gather the funds for their airfare and application fee, please have them complete the Short-Term application form and submit it along with a separate cover letter indicating that they are applying for the Tentmaker Scholarship.

The dates of the 6A - 7B program with the Jordan extension are June 15 – July 19, 2020. The dates of the 7B program are July 6-19, 2020.

The deadline for scholarship applications is the same as the deadline for application to the program—90 days before the program begins.

The following is the donor criteria for consideration of these awards:

  1. Meet all normal application requirements for study at JUC.
  2. Complete the normal program application form and submit application fees. Include college transcripts sent directly from each college attended.
  3. Complete the scholarship application.
  4. Be able to provide own airfare with arrival on the day the program starts and departure the day the program ends.
  5. Students working their way through college or graduate school without loans are preferred.
  6. Students without full scholarships at home institution preferred.
  7. Students entering ministry, missions, Christian Education are preferred.
  8. Students from developing countries are preferred.
  9. Non-traditional students preferred.
  10. Students must take all programs for full academic credit (no audits)
  11. Students must agree to write a brief essay about their learning experience to the donors after the programs are completed.

In considering applications, no preference will be given to any particular denomination or church or school.

If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Paul Wright at and place ST Scholarship in the subject line.

Special Short-Term Scholarship

A generous donor has made it possible for five students to receive scholarships for short-term A Programs in 2020.

Five students will each receive a full scholarship to our 1A January, 5A May, or 6A June Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible program, including the Jordan extension.

The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition for the 1A, 5A, or 6A program
  • Campus accommodations (double occupancy)
  • Mapping materials
  • The 3-day Jordan extension
  • $200 credit to be redeemed at the Oasis, JUC's campus store

Note that the scholarship does not include airfare.

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for the scholarship:

  • persons who apply for and are accepted into JUC's 1A January 2020, 5A May 2020 or 6A June 2020 short-term program;
  • persons who are preparing for ministry, missions, or Christian education;
  • and persons who are able to demonstrate that they would otherwise be financially unable to attend one of JUC's short-term programs without this scholarship.

The dates of the programs are:

  • 1A - January 06 - 26, 2020
  • 5A - May 18 - June 07, 2020
  • 6A - June 15 - 05, 2020

Interested students must complete and submit their program application and then their scholarship application.

The deadline for scholarship applications is the same as the deadline for application to the program.

If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact

Scholarship Application

After you apply to JUC as a short-term or long-term student, you can apply for JUC scholarships.

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