Tuition & Fees - Masters of Arts

Tuition and Fees Master of Arts

Below is an estimate for the entire cost of a typical Master of Arts program.

These cost estimates are based on 2019-2020 averages and are not representative of any specific student invoice. The costs will vary student to student depending on, but not limited to, several factors, including course selection, credit load, housing selection, scholarship eligibility, and field trip selection. For personalized cost information, please contact our business office.


Approximate Master of Arts program Tuition and Fees

  First Year Second Year Total Program
Tuition $14,136.00 $14,136.00 $28,272.00
Housing and Meals $10,890.00 $10,890.00 $21,780.00
Associated Fees* $    850.00 $    1,125.00 $   1,975.00
Field Trip Fees* $3,525.00 $  2,289.00 $   5,814.00
Total: $23,956.00 $22,995.00 $57,839.00

*These fees are an approximation and are subject to change.

Fee Schedules

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Explanation of Costs


JUC students must be enrolled full time (12-16 credit hours) at a rate of $589 per credit hour with a total cost of $7,068 for the full semester.

Housing and Meals

The room and board fee covers housing and meal costs for three meals a day on campus during the semester.

Associated Fees

These fees cover services associated with student life for use of the campus library, laundry room, and computer lab, as well as an excursion on our student activity day and a graduation fee.

Field Trip Fees

Field trip fees cover the cost of all field studies related to classes taken by JUC students. They include fees for: entrance to national parks and museums, transportation, hotel lodging, meals in the field, and all associated service tips and fees.

Want To Learn About Our Financial Aid Options?

Studying at JUC is affordable! Our scholarships and payment plans will help you study in Jerusalem. Qualified masters students receive a generous 50% deduction on first-year tuition and pay no tuition the second year. Check our Scholarships page below to see if you qualify.

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