Having Fun

Having Fun at JUC

Israel is full of extracurricular activities for our students to enjoy, including: hiking trails that span the entire country, fresh and saltwater beaches, museums, festivals and cultural attractions, major religious holy sites, and many other diverse opportunities.

We host on- and off-campus activities for our students throughout the semester, including a student activity day trip. Our students enjoy movie and game nights, as well as weekly ultimate frisbee games.

Campus Recreation

JUC's campus contains several places for students to enjoy a break from their studies. Our student lounge, with its 19th century stone walls and domes, is a great place to watch a movie or play games.

Students looking for physical activity and friendly competition enjoy the use of our basketball hoop, ping-pong table, and small campus weight room.

The Oasis, our campus store, offers cold drinks, snacks, ice cream, classroom supplies, postcards, books, and JUC merchandise for sale.

The campus rooftop also provides a gorgeous view of West Jerusalem, especially at sunset. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Every Friday before the start of Shabbat, our students play ultimate frisbee together in the Hinnom Valley below our campus. Enjoying a frisbee game in the shadow of the Old City walls is a great way for our students to bring a close to the week.

Student Activity Day

Every semester, we set aside a day for our students to do something around the country that is not easily accessible to them from Jerusalem. We enjoy taking students to water parks, hiking trails, days at the beach, and everything in between. This excursion is always a highlight of the semester and a great way for students to connect with each other.

A Country of Hiking Trails

Hiking and outdoor activities are a big part of Israeli culture. The country is full of long and short trails that span desert, Mediterranean, and mountain climates. Our students regularly hike and camp around the country, including popular routes like the Jesus Trail through the Galilee, a nationally recognized trail created by a former JUC short-term student.