Spend a Semester in Jerusalem!

Live in the heart of historic Jerusalem.
Study the Bible in its land.
Experience the cultures and religions of the Middle East.


A Unique Program in Israel

About the Program

When was the last time you walked through the City of David, took a boat across the Sea of Galilee, hiked the land of the Edomites, or climbed to the top of an extinct volcano to catch a view into Syria? Our study abroad students do all this and more.

We offer courses in the history, geography, culture, religions, and languages of biblical times and of the modern Middle East. Our rich academic program brings JUC students to nearly every corner of Israel and Jordan to engage with the Bible in its land. Students have the opportunity to study with Israeli and Palestinian faculty members who are experts in their fields.

JUC accepts students from both consortium institutions and non-member schools. Undergraduate and graduate students who are either currently enrolled at other institutions or who have completed one year of college may study for a semester at JUC and transfer applicable credits to their home institutions.

Students in this program will use the maps and resources created by Biblical Backgrounds.

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Important Information

While you will be unable to use U.S. Title IV funds to study at JUC, we do offer scholarships to qualified students and payment plan options. Undergraduate students may apply for scholarships from JUC which are approximately $1000 per semester. Undergraduate students may also apply for payment deferral which will allow them to put off payment of their JUC student invoice until the semester after they complete their undergraduate degree. Click here for more details.

Yes, JUC offers two payment plans for study abroad semester students. One plan allows the student to pay JUC directly in three equal payments throughout the semester of study. The second is a deferred payment plan that allows the student to repay JUC directly in monthly installments that begin after the student graduates from their home institution. Click here for more details.

Students from countries who do not have a regular relationship with Israel may need additional security or immigration approval to study in Israel. Students from such countries may be responsible to apply for a visa at their nearest Israeli Consulate or Embassy, or JUC may need to apply on their behalf at the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem. Visa decisions are entirely at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior, so JUC cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a visa successfully. Please contact us if you are from a country that does not have a regular relationship with Israel and have questions about this process.

Please note: if you plan to participate in the Jordan Extension and you are required to secure an entry visa into Israel prior to the start of the program, you MUST request and be granted a visa allowing multiple entries into Israel.

All on-campus housing is dormitory style with bathrooms located separate from the dorm rooms.

Undergraduate students are required to live on campus. Graduate students are encouraged to live their first semester on campus at JUC. If they choose, they may find off-campus housing for their subsequent semesters.

Married students may also live on campus at JUC if space is available (the spouse of a full-time student living on campus is charged board only). Students with children may also apply to live on campus as space is available. Children 6 years and under may live in their parents' dorm room at no additional cost. Families with children 7 and older may have the option to acquire a second dorm room at an additional cost). Click here for more details about campus housing.

A suggested packing list for JUC students is available in our student manuals. For long-term students who will be at JUC for a semester or more, here is a list of what to pack. For short-term students who will be at JUC for a few weeks, here is a list of what to pack

We take the safety of our students with the upmost seriousness and have a proven track record of operating for over 60 years in the Holy Land. Click here for detailed information about how JUC handles local issues related to safety and prepares students to do the same. 

Yes! Undergraduate Semester Abroad students need one year of completed undergraduate study to be eligible to enroll at JUC. They do not need to be currently enrolled at another undergraduate institution. Graduate Semester Abroad students must hold an undergraduate degree but do not need to be currently enrolled in another graduate institution. For more information see Entrance Requirements.

Yes! While members of our consortium of associated schools receive certain benefits that are not applied to other institutions, students who attend schools which are not a member of our consortium are still eligible to enroll in our programs. For more information, see Entrance Requirements.

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