Our Mission

Our Mission: A Christian Education in Jerusalem

Why are we here?

As a Christian educational institution located in Jerusalem, the mission of Jerusalem University College is to deepen understanding of the Bible in its geographical and cultural settings and to connect students to the ancient and modern Middle East.

Put succinctly, Jerusalem University College exists to explore the ancient and modern contexts of the world of the Bible so that our students can get to know the word of God—the Bible—and the Word of God—Jesus—better. In doing so, they become better equipped to enter arenas of academia, ministry, and service throughout the world.

How do we do this?

Through our rich educational programs by which students can pursue:



a rigorous study of the history, geography, and archaeology
of Israel and other areas of the Middle East


a mastery of biblical languages and literatures, together
with a working knowledge of other Semitic languages
appropriate to their programs of study






an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the cultural
and religious expressions of the ancient and modern peoples
of the Holy Land and the neighboring countries of the Middle East


an interaction with a host of unique academic and cultural resources
available in Jerusalem, throughout Israel, and in other regions of the
Middle East