JUC Online


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can take as many courses or studies as you would like.

There are no scholarships available for JUC Online. However, we allow anyone to enroll in JUC Online Semester Learning courses or Summer Institute studies for audit at a reduced rate. Additionally, the application fee is waived for Semester Learning courses, and registration for the Summer Institute is only $159 per study.

Yes, we offer technical assistance through our North American office that operates from 9:00am-5:00pm EST. You are welcome to contact our team at support@juc.edu with your questions.

No! All long-term and short-term JUC programs in Jerusalem continue to proceed as scheduled.

Yes. If JUC M.A. students take all the required in-residence courses for their program (48 credits for M.A., 24 credits for Graduate Certificate, and 12 credits for Semester Abroad) they can take as many additional JUC Online courses as they would like. If a student does not take more than 16 credit hours in each semester, they will not be charged extra for JUC Online courses.

No, JUC Online courses do not replace any of the courses required to complete the 48-credit-hour in-residence M.A. programs even if the online course has the same name as an in-residence course. This is because field studies are foundational to JUC M.A. courses and an essential part of the curriculum that is required to complete a JUC program. However, JUC M.A. students who complete a JUC Online course may have the course included on their official transcript.