Earn a Graduate Certificate in Jerusalem

Spend a year taking graduate level classes at JUC. Learn about the land, language, and people of Bible through rigorous study and in-the-field excursions.


One Year. One Changed Perspective.

Are you interested in graduate-level studies but don’t have the time necessary to complete a two-year M.A. degree? Comprised of 24 credit hours, our Graduate Certificate program can be completed in just one year. It is comprised of core courses from our M.A. program. Choose from the four program options below to view a sample course list for the Graduate Certificate.

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Four Programs to Choose From

Biblical History and Geography

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical History and Geography enables students to become well-versed in the history of the biblical world and in the subfields of historical geography, archaeology, and biblical Hebrew.

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Hebrew and Cognate Languages

The Graduate Certificate in Hebrew and Cognate Languages provides students with a core understanding of biblical Hebrew and its cognate languages, including their grammar, syntax, and literatures.

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Middle Eastern Culture and Religions

The Graduate Certificate in Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions offers students the opportunity to study and interact with the peoples, societies, and cultures of modern Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and the Middle East.

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Hebraic Roots of Christianity

The Graduate Certificate in Hebraic Roots of Christianity is designed to provide students with a core understanding of the historical, cultural, religious, and literary realities of the Land of the Bible in the centuries prior to, during, and after the time of the New Testament.

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Who Is It For?

Past students who have pursued a
graduate certificate have been:

Former Graduate Certificate Students:

1. Clergy, professors, and professionals on sabbatical

2. Christian educators desiring to improve their teaching

3. Post-graduate students preparing for further study

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