Course Descriptions

ONLINE GEO 5/311 Physical Settings of the Bible - Credit Hours: 4

Semester normally offered: Spring 2022 Online

Course Description

A study of the physical features of the land of the Bible with an emphasis on the geographical elements of various regions and how geography influenced and affected aspects of biblical and extra-biblical history. Relevant archaeological, historical and biblical material is integrated into the lectures and field studies where it is correlated with the sites visited, the ancient network of roads and geographical elements of the land. Online only. To apply this course toward the JUC M.A. BHG program, all in-land field studies must be completed within 1 year of the end date of this course.

Course Equivalencies

  • Archaeology

  • Bible

  • Geography

  • History

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, a student should be able to:

  • identify the basic regions of the land of the Bible on a map and explain their physical geography, which includes geology, soils, weather patterns, and hydrology, as well as major roads, relevant cities, and biblical and extra-biblical events;

  • compare and contrast important regional aspects of the land of the Bible by describing how each region uniquely affected patterns of human settlement, communication, travel, defense, and historical development in the biblical period;

  • reference relevant archaeological finds and describe their significance within the cultural and geographical setting;

  • understand, appreciate, and illustrate the geographical perspective through which the biblical writers gave their theological message as an indispensable hermeneutical key; and

  • begin to apply a geographical reading of the Bible to more faithfully loving and serving God and others in our own landed contexts.

Field Study

*Note that field studies are not included for JUC Online courses.