Course Descriptions

HCL 658 Comparative Semitics - Credit Hours: 3

Semester normally offered: Alternate Spring Semesters

Course Description

A study in the field of comparative Semitics as a tool for scientific analysis of biblical Hebrew texts. Course work uses the students’ knowledge of Hebrew as a base for examining the grammar of other Semitic languages. Prerequisite: HCL 6/411. In addition, an introductory understanding of Aramaic, Arabic or another Semitic language is strongly recommended.

Course Equivalencies

This course fills equivalencies in the following areas:  

  • Semitic Languages

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • understand the theory and grammar of various Semitic languages;
  • identify and use the Arabic alphabet, and explain the nominal and verbal systems and paradigms of Arabic; and
  • read and translate on a rudimentary level texts in Ugaritic, Akkadian, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Syrian and/or Classical Arabic.

Field Study

A one-day interactive field study at a site where students can encounter biblical Hebrew texts, such as the Israel Museum or a synagogue.