Course Descriptions

ARCH 5/300 Biblical Archaeology I - Credit Hours: 5

Semester normally offered: Alternate Fall Semesters

Course Description

A survey of the results of archaeological investigations in the land of the Bible from proto-historical periods to the end of the Judean Monarchy. Emphasis is placed on relating archaeological finds to historical records, including the Old Testament.

Course Equivalencies

This course fills equivalencies in the following areas:  

  • Biblical Archaeology
  • History and Culture of Ancient Israel

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • describe basic principles and methods related to the techniques of archaeological excavation;
  • describe basic principles and methods of dating archaeological finds;
  • describe the material culture of each of the major time periods covered and distinguish significant differences between them (Chalcolithic, Early Bronze, Intermediate Bronze, Middle Bronze, Late Bronze, Iron Age);
  • recall the major sites associated with each of the time periods covered and the work of the archaeologists who excavated them;
  • describe, compare, and contrast significant connections between the material culture of the land of ancient Israel and that of neighboring cultures for each time period covered; and
  • associate specific archaeological finds with descriptions of events or items mentioned in literary sources, including the Bible. 

Field Study

  • A one-day interactive field study to a relevant site(s) or museum.