Student Scholarship Endowment

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Jerusalem University College is committed to equipping students for Christian service, both in scholarship and ministry. It is no secret that the cost of higher education often prohibits worthy and qualified students from the opportunity to study. We believe that genuine commitment and proven competency should be rewarded. To that end, JUC has established a scholarship program especially for our M.A. students. Qualified M.A. students receive a scholarship equal to one-half of tuition during their first year and full tuition for their second year of study:

  • Half-tuition, one semester $3,534.00
  • Half-tuition, one year $7,068.00
  • Full-tuition, one semester $7,068.00
  • Full-tuition, one year $14,136.00

Our tuition is relatively low when compared to other graduate programs in North America, yet it is often out of reach, especially for international students. Moreover, because Israeli law does not allow our students to work for pay while they are in Israel, they accumulate compound costs in pursuit of their education. For this reason, many students are unable personally to sustain their time of studies over the two-year degree program.

We have been offering the M.A. degree for nearly 60 years. Many of our graduates have gone on to earn the Ph.D. degree from prestigious schools and secured teaching positions at colleges, universities, and graduate schools worldwide. Other graduates serve across the spectrum of ministry around the world. Each graduate carries with them the unique education they received at JUC to places well beyond where we could do so alone.

We have set a goal to establish a $1,000,000 endowment for M.A. student scholarships, and we need your help to reach it!

The scholarships generated by this fund will attract and retain students who can more fully immerse themselves in the learning environment of Jerusalem and become fluent in reading the land, texts, and cultures of the Bible. By becoming grounded in the reality of the Bible, they will be uniquely empowered to communicate God’s words in ways that speak to real people in real times and in real places today.

Will you partner with us to educate and equip our students with the goal of more faithful service?

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