Campus Renovations

Improving Our Facilities

Living, studying, and working in a 165-year old stone building on Mount Zion is a real privilege. We have been entrusted with beautiful grounds in Jerusalem that contain archaeological remains from the time of the Bible. The unique setting and history of our campus requires a special custodial care. We strive to balance the preservation of our architectural heritage with providing comfortable and up-to-date learning facilities. We are honored to carry this responsibility, but we need your help.

JUC has embarked on a capital campaign with the goal of raising 1.5 million dollars by 2021.

These gifts will enable us to make necessary upgrades to our campus facilities that will have a tangible impact on every student and visitor. While each improvement may not seem glamorous, they are all crucial for our goal of providing a comfortable and healthy learning environment for our students:

  • Complete renovation of the kitchen and dining facilities | Estimated cost: $800,000.00
  • Complete renovation of bathroom facilities | Estimated cost: $300,000.00
  • New furniture for dormitory rooms | Estimated cost: $250,000.00
  • Complete renovation of the administrative office complex | Estimated cost: $150,000.00


Will you take part in the vision of Jerusalem University College by supporting us as we upgrade our facilities?


It isn’t often that you’re invited to literally build on Mount Zion!

And he declares of Jerusalem, “It will be built.” (Isa 44:28)

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