JUC's Board of Directors

JUC’s board of directors safeguards the financial and academic health of the school. To help accomplish this goal, the board consists of members that represent the fields of academics, business, finance, law, service industry, church work, and missions. Three members are elected by the JUC Consortium to represent the interests of the associated schools. Together, the persons who serve on JUC’s board of directors ensure a healthy, custodial approach to governance. They meet as a body two times per year, once in November and once in the spring.

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JUC's Board of Directors

Dr. Herbert Jacobsen

Lords Valley, PA

Dr. John M. Monson

Vice Chair
Deerfield, IL

Dr. Duane R. Wood

Cedarville, OH

Mrs. Dianne H. Benton

Austin, TX

Dr. Bryan E. Beyer

Chair - Associated Schools
Columbia, SC

Mr. Scott Bolinder

Grand Rapids, MI


Mrs. Delaine Blackwell

Irmo, SC

Dr. Edgar B. Hardesty

Langhorne, PA

Judge John A. Mantooth

Purcell, OK

Dr. Boyd Seevers

St. Paul, MN

Dr. Evan Wood

Fort Wayne, IN

Dr. Michael Harbin

Upland, IN

Dr. Ken E. Alberts

Rockford, IL