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Jerusalem Campus
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North American Office
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Description and benefits of membership
| Consortium Description

Approximately 85 accredited colleges, universities and seminaries are members of the Consortium of Associated Schools of Jerusalem University College. Thus, students from these schools may develop a program of study which will transfer into their degree at their home institution. The schools treat JUC as an extension campus of their own institution. By prior agreement they send their students for a semester or year of studies, or for shorter intensive block studies of two or three weeks duration.
| Benefits of Membership

Apart from the obvious benefit of an academically rigorous and multi- faceted cross cultural overseas study program for your students, there are also the following specific benefits.
  • VISITING PROFESSOR PROGRAM: Your faculty, as openings are available, may participate in our visiting professor program which we have each semester.  This normally involves the teaching one course in Jerusalem for JUC while we provide free room and board on campus for the professor and spouse (if accompanying).  Academic research and field study opportunities abound in Jerusalem. Consider the benefits of having members of your faculty who have spent a sabbatical semester abroad studying and researching in Jerusalem
  • FREE FACULTY INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Your faculty can benefit from our incentive programs which include our semester abroad incentive:  1) For every 6 students studying in the semester abroad program in the preceding 4 Semesters, one faculty member may join a short term program, including international airfare, free of charge. 2) For every 15 paying students on our regular short term programs in the last three calendar years, one faculty member may join a regular short term program of their choice.  3) As well, if those 15 students use our recommended travel agency for airfare then that faculty members airfare is included.  Your faculty leaders enjoy the benefits of free short-term study abroad opportunities with the leader in the historical geography of Israel and the region.
  • STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: You can creatively develop your own exciting semester abroad or three or two week study abroad program in cooperation with JUC and promote it to recruit students to your school.
  • PRIORITY STATUS: Your students receive priority status in admissions and a streamlined application over other applications made to JUC's semester abroad program. Your students receive preference for scholarships.
  • HOME ENROLLMENT STATUS: Your students remain enrolled at your institution, treating JUC as an extension campus under our contractual agreement, and are thereby eligible for available grants, loans and scholarships however not Title IV funds.
  • BOARD MEMBERSHIP: Consortium members have the privilege to elect representatives to the board of directors of Jerusalem University College in the categories of Seminaries and Graduate Schools (one rep) and Colleges and Universities (two reps) as well as a Chairperson.  This four person advisory group forms the membership and education committee and helps to oversee the academic integrity of the programs of JUC and ensure that courses meet the needs of students at the member institutions.  The consortium forms the basis for the accreditation of high academic standards at JUC. 
  • ANNUAL MEETING: Your school would become a voting member of the Consortium of Associated Schools which advises the representatives that sit on the board of directors, and be able to participate in the annual meeting.
| Membership Criteria

Schools in the United States and Canada must be accredited either by one of the regional accrediting bodies or professionally (Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, ATS, Association for Biblical Higher Education, ABHE or Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, TRACS).  Non North American schools, must be accredited according to the nationally accepted accreditation standards of their country or region, such as the Asian Association of Theological Schools, ATA.

All member schools theological beliefs, creeds or statements of faith should be compatible with that of the National Association of Evangelicals statement of faith.  See below for a link to this statement.

Schools become members of the Consortium thus allowing them to enter a contractual agreement with Jerusalem University College, which states the obligations of each institution. Schools submit an annual consortium member dues, currently $250.  This agreement is a part of the application package referenced below.

Schools promote the course offerings of JUC in their catalogs or calendars They may substitute their own course number equivalencies and agree to readily treat academic credit earned at JUC as their own.

Schools agree to keep the student enrolled at their own institution while studying at JUC and under their own guidelines process any financial aid or awards the student may normally be eligible to receive.

| Membership Application Package

An application fee of $250 is required.  Copies of the application are sent to the membership committee. The package also contains the responsibilities of the appointed school representative once the school is admitted to the Consortium. 

Should your school desire membership in the Consortium, you may download the application package in Adobe PDF format or contact JUC at the North American Office.

| Related Information

» NAE Faith Statement: Schools should be compatible with this.
» Membership Application:   Download in Adobe format.
» Seminary Member List:  Seminaries and Graduate Schools.
» College Member List:  Colleges and Professional Schools
» Representative List:  Current school reps from all member schools.
» Chair of the Consortium:  Message from the Chair.

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