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student comments
| Testimonials About JUC

Jennifer Hamm, United States - I was a student at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study at Jerusalem University College. Studying in a foreign country was an amazing way to enhance my overall education, I was a religion major, and was so blessed to be able to spend a semester in the land of the Bible- the land where Jesus Christ lived and taught. My life will forever be affected by this firsthand experience in the Holy Land. I found that although the classes and field trips were wonderful, the experience of living in a different culture made the biggest impression on me. I learned that to really understand a culture, I must spend time with the people. What an incredible lesson to grasp and carry with me into the Mission Field. It enhanced my life, my faith and my outlook on this world.

Susan Caswell, United States - I had never dreamed that I would study in Israel until a professor remarked, "If you really want to study Hebrew, study at Jerusalem University College."  I have now completed a year's study that will transfer towards my Master's degree at Fuller Theological Seminary.

The year of intensive language study and Bible Geography has revolutionized my knowledge and insights into the Bible.  The Bible has been transformed from a collection of stories full of hard to pronounce names and obscure places to historical accounts that took place in cities that I have visited.

The impact this has had on my spiritual life has affirmed God's call to ministry as a U.S. military chaplain.  

Fred Campbell, Scotland - In March, I was driving along A9, near home. I had degrees in the History of Art and in Architecture, but I had a growing desire to take three years to train for something Christian. I found myself wanting to go deeper into the Word. So much in Scripture relates back to here (Israel). My desire, and prayer, was to invest a year here, and then go on to Bible College. Well, in brief, the door opened in a Lord-determining-the-steps way, and I have now completed one semester. What a difference it makes when one has stood in the synagogue at Capernaum, or understood a word like ‘ruah,’ or studied the history of Exodus to II Kings. Suffice to say that I am well glad to be here. The LORD is good.

Jean Uayan, Philippines - What was I doing at JUC?  I had asked myself that question many times having taught church history and theology at the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines for 16 years.  But I wanted to understand the land better...because the geography and physical features of the land are so intricately related to its history.  I wanted a deeper understanding of the people and the different faiths they held so dear to their hearts. My time at JUC helped me understand all of that and more.  Financially speaking, it is not easy for a Christian worker from the Philippines to come to Israel and study for 7 months, and I thank my seminary for the sponsorship but even more, I praise our Lord and Master for all His wondrous and bountiful blessings.

Mi Sook Lee, South Korea - Prior to coming to the Jerusalem University College I had trouble understanding the history, geography, and the cultural background of the bible. I was curious and wanted to know all I could about God’s Word. Learning at the university was an answer to my prayers. There are many advantages to studying here. For me they have been the field trips of the Bible land, the experience of Jewish religious life, and a familiarity with Hebrew language.

It is a remarkable contrast how much more alive the Word of God is now for me. I am very grateful for what I have learned here. My future plans are to continue my biblical studies, so I will be able to teach the Bible in Korea. My time at the university has been very valuable in learning what I need to know in order to teach effectively.

Monte Mugrage, United States - After my first semester at Jerusalem University College I went immediately to visit Russian friends in Siberia, where I had served with CoMission for one year. My desire to give away my new knowledge and insights was immediately realized, to the delight and edification of my Russian Christian friends.

It was great to take the reality of biblical history to a land which had decided to dismiss it all as a myth. Studying at JUC has added both reality and understanding to my faith. Psalms and Proverbs are far more rich, and the narratives come alive in my mind as I read the bible now. Living in Jerusalem, within 300 meters of the walls of the Old City, has been a great privilege. I just can’t keep this knowledge to myself. For the rest of my life, I’ll share what I have learned, with all humility.

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» Student Videos: Some videotaped testimonies.

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