Date: May 5, 2017

Opportunity: 6A, 7B and Jordan Extension Combined Program.

Once again generous donors have made it possible for three special short-term program scholarships. 

Two students each may receive a scholarship to our 6A and 7B programs, including the Jordan extension after 6A, a value of $6,421.00 each

A third worthy student who pays in advance and attends 6A, 7B and the Jordan extension will, at the end of the program will receive a cash refund of the program fees after completion of the program. 

For the first two scholarships, the winners would need to supply their own airfare to and from Israel and pay the regular application fee of $215, which is returned if the applicant does not win the award and chooses not to come to the program

For the third scholarship, the cash refund award is given at the discretion of the Executive Director after the completion of the program to a worthy student who meets the donor's criteria outlined below.

If you are aware of someone who meets the criteria and otherwise would not be able to study in Israel but who could gather the funds for their airfare and application fee, please have them visit our web site and complete the Short-Term application form and submit it along with a separate cover letter indicating they are applying for the Short-Term Program Scholarship for 6A and 7B. 

The dates of the 6A - 7B program with the Jordan extension are June 11 - July 15, 2018. For general information about these two programs go to the following links:

<<6A Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible>>  and <<7B Jesus and His Times>>


The following is the donor criteria for consideration of both awards

1)   Meet all normal application requirements for study at JUC.

2)   For the full scholarship, complete the normal application form and submit application fees ($215.00).  For the cash rebate award apply per normal application procedures, all fees apply.  Include college transcripts sent directly from each college attended.

3)   Provide three character references: employer/business, religious leader, academic.

4)   Provide cover letter indicating why they are seeking the full scholarship.  Indicate if you will come to the program regardless of whether or not you win the award.

5)   Be able to provide own airfare with arrival on June 11 and July 15 departure.

6)   Students working their way through college or graduate school without loans are preferred.

7)   Students without full scholarships at home institution preferred.

8)   Students entering ministry, missions, Christian Education are preferred.

9)   Students from developing countries are preferred.

10) Non-traditional students preferred.

11) Students must take all programs for full academic credit (no audits)

12) Students must agree to write a brief essay about their learning experience to the donors after the programs are completed. 

In considering applications, no preference will be given to any particular denomination or church or school. 

For application forms choose the appropriate application here: << Short-Term Program Applications >>

If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Dr. Paul Wright at paulwright@juc.edu and place ST Scholarship in the subject line.


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