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| General Information

Buildings at Petra, Jordan.Our long-term programs of study have been developed over five decades to offer graduate and undergraduate students an advanced program of biblical history and geography, biblical language studies as well as a first hand experience of the region through a concentrated study of the culture and religions of the Middle East. Long-term students travel the land from Dan to Beersheba, take field trips throughout Egypt and Jordan depending on the program of study in which they are enrolled.

Highly qualified faculty members from a variety of cultures and traditions help students learn to use the historical, geographical, archaeological, cultural and linguistic data in the interpretation of Scripture. They further the students understanding of the interplay of ideologies and customs in the political, social, and historical relationships of the Middle East.

Christian students from every continent, various cultures and many different colleges, universities, seminaries and denominations, share in a unique experience of living and studying in a student community which is as diverse as the countries that are represented.
Please note that the Israeli Ministry of the Interior requires that all first time students at JUC must enroll full-time.  Full-time indicates a course load of no fewer than 12 semester hours.
| Master of Arts Degree Programs

These two year (48 + semester hour) M.A. degrees prepare the student for post-graduate work and a number of vocational fields including Christian ministry, teaching, research and other careers related to the Middle East, church and Christian school, Bible translation and missions.

Hebraic Roots of Christianity: examines ways that the early Church was influenced by the rich Hebraic world of the Old Testament and Second Temple Period, with an emphasis on points of continuity and discontinuity between emergent New Testament and rabbinic communities in the early centuries A.D.


Degree Description and Course Outline

Students at Absalom's Tomb.Biblical History and Geography: emphasizes a core curriculum of studies in the biblical history, geography and archaeology of ancient Syro-Palestine with concentrations in Old Testament History, New Testament History, Historical Geography, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Archaeology.


Degree Description and Course Outline

Students may be involved in archaeological excavations.Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions (formerly known as Middle Eastern Studies)involves extensive study in the religious, political and social history of the Middle East, including the three dominant monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Islam, and Historic Christianity.


Degree Description and Course Outline

At the Western Walll, Bar Mitzva.Hebrew and Cognate Languages:

not only grounds the student in biblical and post-biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and cognate languages, but provides the historical, geographical and archaeological context for these languages and literatures.


Degree Description and Course Outline

| Graduate Certificate

These one year (24 semester hour) graduate level programs provide a solid foundation in four fields of study: Hebraic Roots of Christianity, Biblical History and Geography, Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions or Hebrew and Cognate Languages. The one-year certificates are comprised of the core courses from their corresponding two-year M.A. degrees. Ancient Olive Press.
| Related information

» The Faculty:  Faculty list with credentials.
» Entrance Requirements:  For the M.A. and Graduate Certificate program.
» Application Form:  For the M.A. or Graduate Certificate program (adobe)
» Course Descriptions:  For the M.A. curriculum (adobe .pdf).
» Course Offerings:  Upcoming semester course offerings.
» Program Dates:  Semester start and end dates upcoming years.
» Academic Calendar:  Key dates and events during upcoming semesters.

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